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Selo Atlântico is a program that seeks to recognize the quality of products and brands of EGNP, namely in the regions of A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, Alto Minho, Cávado, Ave, Porto Metropolitan Area, Alto Tâmega, Tâmega and Sousa, Douro and Terras de Trás-os-Montes, increasing its visibility and functioning as a pillar of the internal and external promotion of the Euro-Region with international repercussions.

Seal Requirements

Conditions of Company Eligibility

The applicant company must comply with the following conditions of eligibility:
a) To be legally constituted;
b) To have Small and Medium Enterprise status (SME), located in the north of Portugal or Galicia, namely in the regions of A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra,
MinhoLima, Cávado, Ave, Grande Porto, Tâmega, Douro, Entre Douro and Vouga and Alto TrásOs-Montes.
c) To comply with the legal conditions necessary for the exercise of its activity;
d) To have the situation regularized before the finances and the social security

Product Eligibility Conditions

1. The products that are candidates for obtaining the Atlantic Seal must fit into one of the agrifood sectors representative of the Atlantic Diet:

a) Meats and sausages
b) Fruit and vegetable
c) Fish and preserves
d) Dairy products
e) Wines
f) Other representative sectors of EGNP through analysis)

2. They must be produced in establishments / production units located in the Euro-Region Galicia-North of Portugal.

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3. Particular emphasis will be given to companies presenting products that value indigenous origins, species and breeds, such as:


Meat – Breed Bissara
Meat – Breed Barrosã
Meat – Breed Minhota
Meat – Breed Mirandesa
Meat – Maronesa Breed
Meat – Arouquesa Breed
Meat – Race Blonde Galega
Meat – Galician Ternera Breed
Meat – Cabrito Terras Altas do Minho
Meat – Kid Transmontano
Meat – Lamb Terrincho
Meat – Bragançano Lamb of churra breed
Meat – Breed Lacón Galego
Cheese – Chin Tetilla
Cheese – Arzúa-Ulloa
Cheese – Chin San Simón da Costa
Cheese – Chin of the Cebreiro
Red wine – Touriga Nacional
Vinho Verde – Alvarinho
Vinho Verde – Ribeiro
Vinho Verde – Valdeorras
Vinho Verde – Rias Baixas
Vinho Verde – Monterrei
Vinho Verde – Ribeira Sacra


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