Certified Producers


Especiarias, plantas aromáticas, medicinais e farmacêuticas
Viana, Portugal


Chás, temperos, molhos, especiarias

Porto, Portugal


Carnes e Enchidos

Viana, Portugal



Porto, Portugal


Pescado e Conservas
(produção artesanal)
Porto, Portugal


Produtos Tradicionais e Biológicos Portugueses, Azeite e Mel
Trás-os-Montes, Portugal

The ATLANTIC IBERIAN FOOD Seal is intended for all agri-food companies / brands, from the most representative sectors of the Euro-Region of Galicia-North of Portugal, mainly meats and sausages, fruit and vegetables, fish and preserves, dairy products and wines, thus enjoying a distinction which attests the identity and quality of its products to customers and suppliers.

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